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Trade Analyst - GIS

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Trade Analyst - IVP


  • Ensure correct and timely report issuance which will be the basis used by the importer in releasing its goods in the Customs to facilitate trade transaction.
  • Assess product and/or exporter risk levels, identification of product essential requirements and applicable standards following the Business Rules on Import Verification Program (IVP), Harmonised System (HS) classification, import eligibility, country instructions and other related references.
  • Provide technically correct product classification following the HS code system by using all available references submitted by the parties involved.
  • Evaluate transactions and provides valuation opinion based on valuation methodologies to confirm the correctness of prices being declared by the trade parties.
  • Assist in providing reports that shall be used by importers in government clients.
  • Liaise with Trade, Valuation, and Inspection Centres to get additional information required during processing of files.


  • IVP Supervisor


  • Evaluates the details of the goods inspected using product technical expertise and industry experience and verifies whether these goods are eligible for importation under specific contract requirements imposed by Government clients (Country Instructions for each contract).
  • Provides HS code classification and valuation opinion on the Report based on the Business Rules, SGS database, Valuation Methodologies and other similar or related references.
  • Identifies files which are to be forwarded to the Valuation Center in the country of seller for additional valuation opinion and price research.
  • Issues Reports based on Import Verification Program (IVP) Business Rules, Country Instructions, Quality Assurance procedures, performance standards and other similar or related references.
  • Attends to all other operational concerns regarding Report issuance which needs an extensive product technical background and experienced opinion.
  • Audits the quality of the information and completeness of the documents and ensures that it is correctly registered in the system.
  • Audits the file administration, HS code classification and valuation opinion of the Reports to be issued
  • Provides timely and effective responses to the SGS network in relation to inquiries concerning HS code classification, valuation cases and also service request inquiries.
  • Conducts technical and comprehensive investigation on Reports with HS code classification and valuation
  • Sends inquiries to the Regional Offices (RO) or Contract Management Offices (CMO) for additional information necessary for the correct issuance of the Report.
  • Monitors status and follows up pending issues and research cases to ensure faster resolution.
  • Elevates and discusses cases of non-response status or high risk disputes to Supervisor or Management.
  • Records all information received through email within the user application system, based on the agreed code and attach the printout to the Report folder for future reference.
  • Prepares Technical Position Paper in defending HS code classification and/or Valuation Cases based on his/her findings of the case involved and the process involved.
  • Attends and actively participates in team and company meetings/assemblies
  • Interacts with other colleagues with similar tasks and skills as his/ hers, in the attainment of the Team objectives
  • Informs the Management of any violation of the Code of Ethics and commitment to integrity that occurs in the company’s premises
  • Performs duties or other responsibilities which may be assigned by the Management which is outside the specified job scope


Professional Qualification / Experience / Technical knowledge
  • University degree or equivalent professional qualification (*)
  • Minimum 2 years on trade experience in import / export business
(*) Definition of “equivalent professional qualification: minimum 5 years experience in the sector or within the company


  • Decisive, Assertive and Results Oriented
  • Familiar with management statistical analysis
  • Good communication skills
  • Fluent in English and any other languages are an advantage
  • Applies judgment and acts according to the SGS standards of ethics and integrity


As part of induction program it is required to provide internal training on the following (if not covered in the Educational & Professional Qualifications):
  • ISO 9001, ISO 17020 requirements
  • Business Rules and Process
  • Country Instructions
  • Introduction to International Trade and Customs Procedures
  • Key Documents
  • Final Document Review
  • Detailed Goods Description
  • Incoterms
  • Valuation and Price Verification
  • HS Classification
  • Tradeworks, Sharepoint Navigation

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